Freebie!!! Al-Khushoo’ in prayer

Al-Khushoo’ in prayer Quick and important lesson for homeschoolers- pages from a lecture-abdur rahman, and islamicQA...

Arabic Clock- To the Hour Clip Cards (sunnah learners)

These Arabic clip cards are simple to follow. Each of the cards are easy to follow for French, Arabic, or English...

Autumn Pumpkin Arabic Alphabet Puzzles (Sunnah Learners)

This set consists of 28 Arabic match up cards, all in color; Download, print, laminate, cut, and get your child...

Nuhs' Ark Arabic Number Sense Puzzles

6 puzzles to teach your little ones their numbers in Arabic in a fun way! numbers 0-10 laminate for longevity!...

Cookie Jar Colors -Arabic- (sunnah learners)

Teach your little ones their colors in Arabic in a fun way! print, laminate , and cut out the jars and cookies....

Arabic Alphabet Crowns

These fun easy prep crowns help young learners practice Arabic letters and sounds. This set includes a crown for each...

Arabic Reading and Writing Teaching Bundle – Flashcards & Worksheets

Designed by an experienced Teacher, the Arabic Writing and Reading bundle every teacher need! This Arabic Teaching...

Arabic Dinosaur Number Recognition Cards

numbers 1-20 tally mark cards, dinosaur word cards, word cards, ten frame cards, counting cards

Solar Eclipse Coloring Pag

Solar Eclipse Coloring Page (Islamic Connection) Grab this before the eclipse to assist you in teaching your child or...

Arabic Seasons & Weather – Displays/Bulletin Board

We included everything you need to make an interactive DIY Bulletin Board with this Resource (seasons and weather...

Nature/Park Arabic Sentences Strips - Reading, Listening, Vocabulary

Please read details in the description below. "I play ball with my friends", "I pick up flowers for mummy", "I...

Nature/Park Worksheets – Writing Words & Letters Recognition

- 10 progressive pages: 19 Words (progression from 3 letters to 6 letters) and 1 Short Sentence at the end. - learners...

Humpty Dumpty Story Book Connection Binder bundle (Sunnah Learners)

Humpty Dumpty Story Book Connection Binder bundle (Sunnah Learners) mini memory game letter recognition create...

I Know My Colors! Brag Tag bundle (sunnah Learners)

I Know My Colors! Brag Tag bundle (sunnah Learners) use these tags to congratulate your early learners every time...

Space Rounding To Ten

A great hands on visual helper to assist your child with understanding the process of rounding to the nearest ten!

Arabic Numbers with Counters

This pack includes: Arabic number cards 1-20 with squares to place counters. 20 red counters. Instructions:...

Playdough Arabic Numbers Mats

This pack includes: Arabic number mats 1-10 Instructions: Laminate and cut the number mats. The child makes...

Islamic Home school Organization Sheets

Islamic Home school Organization Sheets 10 Pages library reading sheet Quran comprehension lunch and snack...

Arabic Number Puzzles

These puzzles are great to teach arabic numbers and quantities. Just print and laminate for an engaging game your kids...

Trilingual Color Popsicle Puzzles And Match & Write Cards

Trilingual ( English, French, Arabic) popsicle puzzle cards and write and match cards_ laminate for best use! See...

Arabic Seasons Matching and Sorting

This pack contains Arabic seasons image cards and mats. The child matches the seasons picture cards to the mats with...

Lacing Cards

This pack contains 6 different geometric shapes for children to lace around. It is a great pre-math and Sensorial...

Arabic Colours Matching

This pack contains two sets of Montessori Primary Colour cards. Can be used to teach the names of Primary Colours in...

Arabic Letter Sounds Matching Activity

This pack contains picture strips and individual picture cards that begin with each letter of the Arabic alphabet. This...