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I thought it would be nice to share with all of your the story behind my new Raki's Rad Language Resources' stencils product. Allah has blessed with three wonderful boys Alhamdullah  Khalil, 10 years old, Zaiyd, 8 years old, and my youngest Samir is 5 year old. My two older kids learned the basics of the Arabic language while we lived in Morocco. My youngest son Samir did not get the chance to master Arabic in Morocco because he was too young at the time. However, when we moved back to the USA we did not have a good option for continuing their Arabic education, so we decided to supplement with homeschool materials. Unfortunately there are not many homeschool materials available in Arabic. So what was my option? You guessed it DIY (Do it Yourself) Resources!
I have been looking around for different strategies to get Samir interested to learn the language so that he can speak and read in Arabic. I especially had him focused on writing new words in Arabic. One day the idea of using stencils to form words by coloring one letter at a time came to me while I was working with my son. I thought that might grab his attention! As I searched the internet, these kind of products are almost nonexistent, so yet again I decided to take the DIY approach. I first made him stencils out of cardstock. He enjoyed these, but he also wanted to use them with paint, which was difficult. So, my next batch was made of plastic, which is durable and allowed him to use both crayons and paint to create his Arabic words.
I am really proud with his progress with these stencils. In just 2 weeks he learned all of the Arabic letters, as well as all of the FATHA vowels. For example, he makes all the A, BA, TA, THA…..etc. and then we moved into makeing 2 syllable words like بَ + أَ=أَبَ ABA. So far Samir has made a lot of progress and he is learning more and more every day.
My Arabic stencils are unique, and they can be used in different ways to teach your child Arabic. I have two types of stencils. One is made with card-stock paper and the other is made of plastic, which is a lot more durable and allows children to use different mediums (like paint and playdough) with the stencils. The following pictures are some examples of Samir’s learning experience with the stencils. If you'd like to try them with out with your child please order a copy from my Arabic Playground Store by clicking here
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